If you are applying for a grant for an organization that has a charitable focus, please complete the Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation Request Form. You may print it and complete it by hand, or you may save it to your computer so that you may complete the form electronically.

When applying, include the following:

  1. Request form – Only organizations with properly completed forms will be considered.

  2. Non-profit status determination letter

  3. Narrative describing the organization

  4. Latest newsletter if you publish one

  5. Financial report of the organization (IRS Form 990 for the last complete year)

  6. Narrative describing the program for which the money will be used

  7. Itemized cost of the project or program.

  8. You may send your request packet by postal mail or scan it and e-mail it to the address below.  

  9. If the grant is approved for multiple years, an updated proposal must be submitted for each year of funding.

  10. If more information is needed, you will be contacted.

Submitting your request:

You may send your proposal packet by postal mail to Post Office Box 5346, Columbus, GA 31906 or scan it and e-mail to

If your grant is approved, you may expect the following:

  1. We will send you a contract asking you to agree to use the money for which the grant was requested. The contract must be notarized and returned within two weeks.

  2. You will receive a check within 30 days after the contract is received in the foundation office.

  3. You may receive periodic visits from representatives of the foundation to observe the progress of the work.

  4. Interim reports will be required every six months beginning six months from the date the grant was awarded.

  5. Final reports may be submitted at any time but are otherwise due one year from the award date.

  6. If the grant is approved for multiple years, an updated proposal must be submitted for each year of funding.

  7. If you are unable to complete the project on time, you may ask for an extension.

  8. If the project is not completed on time or an extension is not granted, you may be asked to return the money.

If the grant is denied:

You will receive a letter informing you that the request has been denied.

Mail request to:

The Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation
Post Office Box 5346
Columbus, GA 31906

Or E-mail to:


The Daniel P. Amos Foundation

Post Office Box 5346   |   Columbus, GA 31906
706.221.7262   |